Kiko Matamoros wins against Rocío Carrasco in the Provincial Court of Madrid

Kiko Matamoros wins against Rocío Carrasco in the Provincial Court of Madrid

It’s no secret that Rocío Carrasco has no qualms when going to court when she considers that someone has exceeded the limits with her or her family. The daughter of the Jury has brought to court more than one journalist or television collaborator, and Kiko Matamoros is one of those found on this infamous list.

Fidel Albiac’s wife took legal action. It’s been a long time, but her claim has not come to fruition for her and she has lost against the collaborator of ‘Save me’ in section number 9 of the Provincial Court of Madrid, as this newspaper has learned.

Given these words, Rocío Carrasco understood that her rights to honor and privacy had been violated and sued Conecta 5 Telecinco SA, C Quartz Productions, SL and Kiko Matamoros.

According to the eldest daughter of the Jury and her legal team, Kiko Matamoros’ statements caused “a serious loss of prestige” and their sole purpose was “to draw the plaintiff as a person who does not take care of the health of their children “to obtain an economic benefit from the communication medium”.

For all this, Rocío Carrasco requested to sentence Kiko Matamoros to pay her the amount of 90,000 euros “in respect of moral damages”, in addition to forcing him to read the sentence in ‘Viva la vida’. However, on November 12 of 2020, the lawsuit was dismissed for various reasons.

The judge did not warn in the statements of Kiko Matamoros “no content that is insulting, vexatious or harmful to the dignity of Rocío Carrasco”.

In the sentence to which this medium has had access, it is explained that the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ limited himself to exposing a fact that a nurse had transmitted to him, and that any value judgment made by the public is left out of his responsibility.

Rocío Carrasco on the way to the Courts of Alcobendas.
Rocío Carrasco on the way to the Courts of Alcobendas.

Similarly, the magistrate found no evidence that Rocío Carrasco’s right to privacy had been violated as a result of the statements by Kiko Matamoros, since it is about “a person with public notoriety” and the words of the tertullian “do not, in reality, imply any invasion of the privacy of Rocío Carrasco, since they do not reveal any data or any information about her personal or family private life that could be considered harmful or that interferes in the protected reserved area”.

Not satisfied with the first ruling of the Court of First Instance No. 3 of Alcobendas, Rocío Carrasco issued an appeal that, again, was dismissed on December 16 of 2021 by the Provincial Court of Madrid, which decides to confirm said judgment and orders the plaintiff “to pay the costs caused by her appeal”.

Rocío Carrasco can file a new appeal against this sentence until Wednesday, January 5, 2021, when the 20-day period imposed by the court will expire.

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