Christmas is a time to reunite with family and loved ones, but unfortunately it is also the time when those who are no longer with us are most missed. On December 23rd it was half a year since Mila Ximénez lost her life as a result of the lung cancer that she suffered, and her companions of ‘Save me’ wanted to remember her in a very special way in the special program that was broadcast on Christmas Eve.

Now, it has been Kiko Hernández who has dedicated some nice words to his friend through his official Instagram account.

“Six months ago you left us”, Kiko Hernández has started lamenting next to a beautiful black and white photograph in which he poses next to Mila Ximénez while they both wear a smile from ear to ear.

In addition, the collaborator of ‘Save me’ has explained what he used to do with his friend on these important dates. “Today I would send you, as always, a thousand audios on WhatsApp”, recalled the one who was a contestant on ‘Big Brother’.

Both he and the rest of his classmates mourn the great absence that the gathering left, and this is how he wanted to express it: “We do not forget, Mila. My Mila. I adore you! I love you”.

Kiko Hernández was very close to Mila Ximénez and was one of those who most mourned her loss. In addition, the death was joined with that of another intimate, Begoña Sierra, the owner of Bingo Las Vegas who also lost her life last October.

I can not anymore. A duel with the other joins me and there is a moment that you explode. I am not into taking pills, but I did not know where I was if in the funeral home, in the hospital … at night I did not remember who I had greeted, who was there, who was not”, he explained in ‘Save me’ shortly before announcing that he took time away from TV to recover from such hard blows.

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