Kiki Morente soars his popularity after his romance with Sara Carbonero

Kiki Morente soars his popularity after his romance with Sara Carbonero

In a matter of a week, the singer has added more than 10,000 followers on Instagram

Just a week ago we knew that Sara carbonero had recovered the illusion after her break with Iker Casillas. The journalist has a two-month relationship with Jose Enrique Morente, better known in the world of flamenco as Kiki Morente, son of Enrique Morente and brother of Estrella and Soleá Morente.

Unlike the journalist, who accumulates more than three million followers on Instagram and is positioned as one of the influencers most famous in the country, the cantaor spends very little time on his social networks. He hardly posts or uploads stories, and if he does, almost all of his content is related to his profession and concert promotion.

But apparently, grabbing the headlines of all the country’s media due to his relationship with Carbonero has helped him to position himself as “a rising value.”

And as result of that, his popularity has soared by more than 35 percent on Instagram where in a matter of days he has added more than 10,000 followers, thus reaching 35,800. We assume that most of them are fans of his new partner.

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