Long before she became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton garnered the world’s attention, and Prince William ‘s in particular, with a delicate and daring sheer dress. On this occasion, we share everything there is to know about this iconic garment and we also tell you what is the exuberant figure for which it was sold at auction. Do not miss the details.

Kate Middleton's transparent dress

Kate Middleton’s transparent dress

Kate Middleton and the transparent dress that fell in love with Prince William

At this point, more than 10 years after their marriage, everyone already knows that the love between Kate Middleton and Prince William was born at the time when both were studying at the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland.

However, what few know is that the love or the crush that would start the passion was not born precisely in the classrooms of this institution. On the contrary, those close to the couple claim that it all happened at a benefit show that had Middleton walking down the catwalk and William sitting in the front row.

On that occasion, the current Duchess of Cambridge wore a particular transparent dress that revealed her underwear and her slender figure without preamble .

Most likely, this was not so surprising then, but it is seen from today, already with Middleton as a consolidated member of the British Royal Family and also as a global fashion icon.

The incredible amount for which Kate Middleton’s transparent dress was sold

In 2011, almost a decade after the show, the designer of the see- through dress , Charlotte Todd, put it up for sale at auction in London.

According to statements she made at the time, Todd was nervous before the day because she considered that there was a possibility that the dress would not interest anyone, especially considering that it had been stored in the store for about 8 years. her mother’s house.

What she obviously did not take into account is that, a few weeks before the royal wedding between Middleton and William, “Kate-mania” was a phenomenon that was growing by leaps and bounds throughout the world.

The person in charge of the auction, Kerry Taylor, estimated that for this dress they would obtain between 14 and 16 thousand dollars. Finally, the sameIt ended up being auctioned for a net total of USD 100,000 , which means that the buyer also had to pay an extra USD 20,000 for fees.

In this regard, it must be said that the identity of the buyer is unknown, since she decided to remain anonymous and send a representative to the auction.

What do you think? Were you aware of the history of this daring see-through dress by Kate Middleton ?

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