Karol Sevilla assures that she does not have a heart disease

Karol Sevilla assures that she does not have a heart disease

Through some videos posted on her Instagram Stories, Karol Sevilla clarified that she does not have a heart disease as reported by various media in recent hours.

“Hey, I’m looking at notes that they’re saying I have heart disease; I have nothing! ”, she said and then began to sing: “I’m not going to get sick yet and I’m not going to die, my heart is really cool and it’s pumping amazingly. Good day!”.

Likewise, the protagonist in the Disney Channel series “Soy Luna” asked the media to stop “playing” and “fooling people” with health issues.

“Please now, don’t fool people that I have a bad heart and especially that they play with a health issue that is something super serious, when in reality I am fine. I say I know that the titles can be so that they sell a note, but it is not cool to play with the health of a person”, she added.

Karol Sevilla
Speculation regarding her health began after an interview misinterpreted the reason why she had been hospitalized last July.

“At the hospital they told me that what I have is a sinus arrhythmia; It has to do with my heart, which sometimes speeds up too much, that causes me to faint; sometimes my heart slows down, so it doesn’t pump normally ”, explained the interpreter of “Nobody understands you” to the program Ventaneando.

Karol Sevilla had revealed some ailments she suffered before arriving at the hospital, which is why she believes that the media are now assuring that she has heart problems.

“They had to do with stress, because I did not eat in my schedules and I did not eat well, so since this happened I went with a coach, I began to eat better, I also began to give myself my time, to relax more and to try to avoid stress and I learned that it is time to understand that if my body gives me a signal I have to pay attention to it and since I did not, I had a consequence,” she said in that interview.

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