Followers of Karol G are waiting for the reactions of the Colombian artist after the announcement that her sister Verónica Giraldo Navarro announced this Saturday that she is pregnant.

The announcement was made through her Instagram account, noting that “for me it has been the best news in life to know that I am the mother of a small baby, that we will soon know if it will be Sophia or Emilio.”

Giraldo Navarro assured that she had reasons for not having made the announcement before, for which she asked to be understood.

“For me it is beautiful to tell this because for me it has been an immense joy to know that day by day my true love grows in my belly and a love so pure… that day by day I learn for him, or for her, and becoming the best mom in the world for my baby… I wanted to share this beautiful news with you and I hope you understand why I hadn’t told you yet.”

Although Karol G has not yet made any announcement about this news, it is known that the paisa has always been very proud of her family and social environment, showing that they are a fundamental part of her life.

As for her core, Karol G has always been very loving and mediatic with her father, Guillermo Giraldo, better known as ‘Papá G’, but she also has three successful sisters: Katherin, Jéssica and Verónica.

Verónica Giraldo is one of those who knows the most about makeup in the family and on her social networks she has shown her talent. However, she is not as present in the life of the artist as Jéssica, although it is seen that they make up a very close group of sisters.

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