Karla Tarazona defends Luciana Fuster after ampay with Patricio Parodi:

Karla Tarazona defends Luciana Fuster after ampay with Patricio Parodi: “you can go out with whoever you want”

The TV presenter, Karla Tarazona, was in the program Mujeres al Mando and did not hesitate to comment on the last images where her radio companion is seen kissing Patricio Parodi.

The driver Giovanna Valcárcel asked the businesswoman to comment on the ampay of Luciana Fuster and the warrior. Tarazona pointed out that the influencer can go out with whoever she wants and asked the public not to criticize her.

“She is my radio companion, she is a young single girl, why be macho, you have the right to go out with who you want, she indicated during the broadcast of the program.

However, the ex of Christian Domínguez did not agree with the behavior of the reality girl. It does not seem like a correct behavior to me, but also why are we going to bury her if she is a young girl who has the right to go out with whoever she wants, as long as she is single”.

Likewise, they commented on the codes that Flavia Laos spoke about months ago. Tarazona expressed the bad luck that the influencer has. “Due to coincidences of life, which always ends with people who at some point have been legs of the soul or best friends”.

Let us remember that during the last months, after the end of the relationship between Flavia Laos and Patricio Parodi, rumors began of a possible romance between Luciana Fuster and the captain of the warriors, but each one was in charge of denying it.

It should be noted that the member of Esto es Guerra has had romantic relationships with Austin Palao and Emilio Jaime. Both were participants of the América TV reality show and companions of Patricio Parodi.


After Amor and Fuego spread an image where you can see Patrick Parodi in the same environment with Luciana Fuster and Magaly Medina’s cameras will show an ampay where both were caught kissing in an apartment in Paracas.

The warrior raised his voice in protest and used his account Instagram to express annoyance, pointing out that there is no respect for privacy.

“At what point was the right to privacy lost? That they violate that small space and pass it on to the national level already seems an excess to me, isn’t there supposed to be an entity that regulates this? I can no longer change in my own room because they record me and use those images on television?”, you can read in the first part of his publication.

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