Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients are about to receive a jaw-dropping gift: free iPhones! Yes, you read that correctly.

The iconic tech giant, Apple, has partnered with immigration advocacy groups to bridge the digital divide and empower DACA recipients across the United States.

FREE iPhones for DACA Recipients are Now Available

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced the groundbreaking initiative at a press conference, flanked by DACA recipients who held their EADs (Employment Authorization Documents) like golden tickets.

How to Claim your FREE iPhone?

Just go to the official DACA website, fill up the ‘Free iPhone’ form with correct details, confirm that you are not a bot and currently living in USA or a country nearby by verifying your credit card.

After the completion of verification, it will take the company at least 7 days to send the iPhone to your desired address.

More Details on the Free iPhone Scheme

Eligibility: Only DACA recipients who received their initial DACA status before July 16, 2021 are eligible. If you fall into this category, congratulations—you’re in luck!

Model Selection: Dreamers can choose between the sleek iPhone 14 Mini or the more robust iPhone 14 Pro. Both come with Face ID, stunning cameras, and enough processing power to launch rockets (well, almost).

Activation: To activate your free iPhone, simply visit any Apple Store with your valid DACA EAD. The geniuses there will set it up for you, complete with a personalized welcome message: “Welcome to the Apple family, Dreamer!”

Why Apple is giving Free iPhones to DACA Recipients?

Why is Apple doing this? Some speculate it’s a shrewd marketing move—a way to endear themselves to a diverse customer base. But insiders whisper a different story. Tim Cook, known for his philanthropic endeavors, sees this as an opportunity to empower young immigrants.

“Dreamers are the backbone of innovation,” he declared. “They’ve overcome adversity, chased dreams, and now it’s our turn to give back.”

The Impact

Imagine the ripple effect: DACA recipients snapping selfies with their new iPhones, sharing stories of resilience, and connecting with loved ones across borders.

For many, this device isn’t just a gadget; it’s a lifeline. And as they scroll through social media, they’ll stumble upon heartwarming posts: “Got my iPhone today! Thanks, Apple!”

The Mission

Of course, there’s a catch. The free iPhones come with a mission: Dreamers are encouraged to use their devices to amplify their voices, advocate for immigration reform, and share their stories.

Apple hopes these iPhones become tools of empowerment, not just for selfies and TikTok dances, but for change.

Is this a stroke of corporate benevolence or a calculated PR move? Regardless, Dreamers are celebrating. As one recipient put it, “From DACA to iDACA—it’s a dream come true!”

So, fellow Dreamers, claim your iPhones. Text your abuelita, FaceTime your tía, and remember: Every swipe is a step toward a brighter future.

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