Kanye West has accused his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, of using ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson as a “pawn” in their ongoing divorce.

In a series of new comments on Instagram, the rapper lashed out at the former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star for having a tattoo honoring his four children with the SKIMS founder tattooed on his neck.

“Hey North, I’m Skete, check out my tattoooos,” the Grammy winner wrote while mimicking the comedian. “I am a pawn sent here to antagonize your father in the hope that he will do something illegal so we can get him out of your life.”

He continued, “Hey San, look at my tattoo. I got your name tattooed on my body. I also have a Kid Cudi tattoo but no one knows who he is.”

Kanye was referring to a small tattoo just above David’s cleavage that reads ‘KNSCP’, which is speculated to be the first initials of Kim’s names, North, nine, Saint, six, Chicago , four, and Psalm, three years old.

The singer’s comments come after he reappeared on social media to reveal that he had a “good meeting” with his ex-partner about their children’s education.

Returning to Instagram over the weekend, she wrote, “Hey guys I’m back sorry it took me so long to post just had a nice meeting with Kim about educating our kids.”

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