Juanpa Zurita reveals how he managed to get his role in the Luis Miguel series

Juanpa Zurita reveals how he managed to get his role in the Luis Miguel series

“I go to the audition, I do it, a few days pass, they call me again, I make another scene, more days go by, and Diego tells me: ‘First of all I want to tell you that you are my friend, that I love you very much There are going to be a lot of opportunities and they come and go, unfortunately, you kept the role! ”

“It was a very happy moment in my life, and then the series came. Doing it was incredible, being able to be on set at that level, with that production. It is a world that fascinates me, it makes me wonderful because I think that the beauty of movies and series is that they tell a story to all the people who are there, they are all there committed to telling a story, “he said.

For Juanpa Zurita, being part of Luis Miguel, The Series has been a gratifying experience, since it allowed him to rediscover himself from another facet.

“I had a project that hit, this project is crazy … how lucky I was to be part of a project that exploded … All the time I was specifically at airports and it was always: ‘And Marcela?’ They said, ‘Have you read the script yet? Tell us’. It was very nice because for the first time in my life people recognized me for something other than me, another type of target, another type of audience ”, he revealed.

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