José Luis Moreno asks the judge to annul the bail of two million euros: “The risk of flight is non-existent”

José Luis Moreno asks the judge to annul the bail of two million euros: “The risk of flight is non-existent”

The television producer also claims that he is only forced to appear in court once a month and denies that he hides a fortune abroad: “It is a fantasy”

José Luis Moreno has asked the judge of the “Titella case” to annul the bail of two million euros that he imposed and that the obligation to appear in court weekly becomes monthly, as legal sources have confirmed to LA RAZÓN.

The television producer -investigated for an alleged macro-fraud against banks and investors for the financing of his television projects- yesterday requested the measure after in recent days, according to the same sources, he has sent the magistrate of the National Court Ismael Moreno abundant documentation with which the ventriloquist intends to refute the accusations that weigh on him.

The instructor imposed on Moreno – to whom he charges crimes of illicit association, money laundering, fraud, false documents, tax fraud and punishable insolvency – a bail of three million euros to get out of prison after his arrest in June last year, an amount that he was finally allowed to hedge his real estate with a mortgage. But a few months later, in December 2021, the magistrate of the National Court lowered that amount to two million, which now intends to nullify the defense of the television producer.

Does not discuss the ban on leaving Spain

Moreno’s lawyer, Francisco Calderón, does not dispute that the ban on leaving the national territory without judicial authorization is maintained (the producer actually traveled to Rome last November with permission from the National Court), but asks the judge to agree on “the provisional release without bail , or, alternatively, with a very substantial reduction ” of the bail imposed.

For the lawyer, the risk of flight is “non-existent”, so the purpose of the measure “has become without purpose”. The producer’s defense complains that this “disproportionate bail” has been justified by the “false belief” that Moreno “would be the owner of a huge amount of money that sooner or later would end up emerging.” But the investigation, he assures, “has already been going on for more than three years” so “if that fortune existed, it would have already been identified and blocked . ” “That fortune is nothing more than a fantasy and an illusion,” he concludes.

In his brief, he explains that Moreno is already 75 years old, has a known address in Spain and has no criminal or police record. He is also “a person with public relevance, who has been operating in the entertainment sector for more than 40 years” , he adds, “having promptly and strictly complied with all the obligations imposed” (because he has appeared every week in court and “how many times has he been called by the judicial authority”).

Your heritage, blocked

During these almost twelve months, he recalls, “numerous investigative procedures have been carried out, including a multitude of statements by those under investigation”, which according to his criteria “not only have they not thrown any incriminating element” on the producer, but “they have had a markedly exculpatory content.” Because, he underlines, “he has not committed any of the crimes attributed to him . “

In fact, he emphasizes, Moreno has “repeatedly” requested to be able to testify before the judge to “be able to explain each and every one of the extremes that were unfounded and unjustly attributed to him.”

The ventriloquist’s defense also supports his request that the bail be annulled or considerably lowered in that “a very substantial part” of his assets is blocked by court order, so the impossibility of disposing of those assets “will have to be taken into account for setting a quantitatively more affordable bail, because otherwise the fundamental right of personal liberty is irremediably affected.”

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