First words of María Patiño after testifying before the judge for Antonio David’s lawsuit

First words of María Patiño after testifying before the judge for Antonio David’s lawsuit

The presenter and collaborator has gone this morning to give a statement to the Courts of Plaza Castilla (Madrid)

The joy did not last long for María Patiño after proclaiming herself the winner of the third edition of ‘Sálvame Fashion Week’ and starring in one of the most commented moments on social networks on Wednesday night. Just a few hours ago, the collaborator and presenter has appeared in the Courts of Plaza Castilla (Madrid) to testify before the judge for the lawsuit filed by Antonio David for “a crime of libel, slander and obstruction of justice” .

She arrived after ten in the morning, visibly calm and talking on her mobile phone, unaware that her statement would be delayed until approximately 12:30 p.m. Although at the moment no information has been released about her statement, the protagonist has expressed respect through her social networks, where she is always most active.

“Satisfaction, and now to continue working” , she wrote on his personal Twitter account minutes after leaving the courts. It seems that the collaborator is proud of everything that has happened inside, regardless of the result determined by Justice.

This legal conflict is caused by some words by Patiño in ‘Socialité’ last November, when they discussed the famous posters that appeared in Malaga with the face of Antonio David and the word “abuser”. The communicator publicly insinuated that she had been the one in charge of putting them in order to “pity and victimize himself.”

Antonio David Flores then responded to María Patiño through his ‘Youtube’ channel with the following warning: “I’m waiting for you to show that documentation that you said you were going to show the audience about the posting of posters . That video where I’m supposed to be seen hitting them. That accusation that I had used my own daughter to file a false complaint on my behalf.

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