Johnny Depp’s reboot

With the end of the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife and actress Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is back on track. However, the mudslinging in court is still going on, because his ex-wife Amber Heard says she cannot pay the damages for the image damage. She is now appealing for the third time and is challenging the verdict.

While Heard is currently desperately fighting the verdict, things are looking much better on the other side. After a long period of crisis, things are finally looking up again for Johnny Depp. His ex-wife’s allegations cost him a number of roles, advertising deals and brought him a massive loss of face in public.

More successful than ever, he now manages to land a seven-figure advertising deal with the luxury brand Dior. In addition, he starts again with numerous film projects.

Johnny Depp back in Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is the latest film in the franchise. Unfortunately, however, it was heavily criticized after publication and did not achieve the expected success. This could be due to some controversy behind the scenes during production. In addition, 59-year-old Johnny Depp lost his role due to allegations of abuse.

But now that the jury has backed Depp and the situation on his side has calmed down, there is an opportunity for Depp to return to his old roles. Disney asked him a few weeks ago with a huge offer to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. You can also return to Fantastic Beasts as Gellert Grindelwald again. Meanwhile, Mads Mikkelsen replaced him in the role.

Mikkelsen has already spoken about Depp’s possible return: “It was very intimidating. Obviously the course has changed now – he won the lawsuit, the case – so let’s see if he comes back. He could. I’m a big fan of Johnny. I think he’s a great actor, I think he did a fantastic job. However, I couldn’t copy it. There’s no way I could just copy it because it’s so much him. It would be creative suicide. So we had to come up with something else, something that was mine, and build a bridge between him and me.”

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