Johana Bahamón was in the Caracol channel program ‘The Suso’s Show’ where she told the charismatic journalist details about her family and her personal life. The activist, who a few years ago became known in the world of entertainment for her performances in soap operas such as ‘La Viuda de la Mafia’, today is a prominent social manager who with her foundation, Internal Action, fights every day for opening second opportunities to the post-prison and prison population of the country.

“Eight years ago, after 15 years of acting, I was invited to be a jury at an event at the El Buen Pastor women’s prison in Bogotá, and I learned about the reality that many of us know through the media, which are the prisons of our country ; It is one thing to see it on television, in newspapers and quite another is to be there in the prisons and really know what happens inside there and know the human beings who are there, and well, I stayed there and I have been there for eight years”, said Bahamón in ‘The Suso’s Show’ about the beginning of her work in the prisons of Colombia.

On the show, Bahamón also spoke about her children: Simon 12, Mia 5 and Evelyn 2. For her, they are “her artists”, so she has several drawings and crafts made by them at the entrance of her room. It should be remembered that her first-born son was the fruit of her past relationship with the singer Andrés Cabas.

Drawings made by the children of Johana Bahamón. Screenshot 'The Suso's Show'.

Drawings made by the children of Johana Bahamón.

Currently, the influencer is married to Juan Manuel Salazar, a polo player and stockbroker with studies from Bentley University, in Boston (United States), whom she married in 2014 after having only been dating for a month.


During her conversation with ‘Susos’, Bahamón also recalled some of her most memorable moments as a mother, in particular she mentioned what the presenter called “backpack therapy”, referring to when Simón was a baby and carried him in a backpack for practicality.

“I’m going to be the worst mom in the world. I did it because I like to be practical in life. I would carry it in my backpack, I would put a bottle there and I would do my own thing,” said the activist.


Bahamón also spoke about her horse Claribelo, named after Claribel Mosquera, the biological mother of her third daughter: Evelyn. The equine was a gift from her beloved husband, who affectionately nicknames her ‘Chicken’.


In the program, the influencer also took the opportunity to tell about the National Prison Theater Festival, an event that it is organizing through its foundation and that this year will celebrate its sixth edition.

The event will bring together six prisons in Colombia during which the civilian population will be able to enjoy the different works performed by the inmates of the country’s prisons.

Another of the most recent initiatives of the foundation is the Second Opportunities Studio, an establishment located in the Nuestro Bogotá shopping center, which offers hairdressing services, tattoos by the post-prison population, and products made by people deprived of their liberty.

The productive projects that will be developed come from models implemented by the foundation in different prisons in the country, an example of this is the Internal barber shop located in the Modelo prison in Bogotá.

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