Jesús Amilibia:

Jesús Amilibia: “Jorge Javier Vázquez reveals to us the cultural trio”

Thanks to the presenter we have discovered the cultural and didactic trio that opens unsuspected paths to the world of sexuality

The journalist Belén Rodríguez confessed in “Save me Deluxe” that 20 years ago, Jorge Javier Vázquez, another boy and she had a threesome. Belén was kind enough to illustrate the news:

“Jorge was very curious to know what the apparatus of women was like. It was a thing of curiosity, an anatomical thing, not passion or sex. It was something of general culture. He had never seen a pussy and I showed it to him.

First of all, let us praise the educational eagerness of Belén, her generosity and dedication to the cause of the seafaring joke in general.

Then, its inclusive capacity must be assessed from this finding: threesomes, quartets and horny choral masses could strengthen affective and cognitive ties between the different branches of the LGTBIQ + and heteros, that it is about time that we all give each other a fraternal and orgiastic hug while we teach each other the little things. The fact is that thanks to Jorge Javier we have discovered the cultural and didactic trio that opens unsuspected paths to the world of sexuality.

The Planet award has discovered and awarded a trio, “Save me” was not going to be less. If the journalist had more experiences of that type with other popular ones on TV, she could become the Sherezade of the thing.

There she has a vein: “The Thousand and One Nights of Bethlehem”, stories that Mediaset would later transform into a series like Rocío’s, but more fresh and fun.

Perhaps Minister Pilar Alegría will offer Jorge Javier a tour of universities and colleges to talk about the invention whenever Irene Montero verifies that her look at the Bethlehem apparatus was purely informative and not at all immodest, sure.

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