Pope Francis met this Thursday for more than two hours with a group of artists, including the Colombian singer J Balvin, as part of the meeting convened by the Vitae Foundation and in which the pontiff asked him for a commitment to his art. improve the world

The Vitae Foundation, which is dedicated to spreading values ​​through the arts and mass media, invited 25 international artists to meet Pope Francis this Wednesday, August 31 and Thursday, September 1.

Film and music personalities such as Colombian singer and producer J Balvin met for more than two hours in Vatican City to talk with the Argentine pontiff, who asked them to commit to improving the world with his art.

“Few of us take selfies smiling and another Flow Latino Gang with Pope Francis. Always in HIGH VIBE, LOVE AND TOLERANCE. P.S. In the end, a video so that they understand the vibe”, Balvin wrote on Instagram.

“It was very nice because it was possible to share the point of view as an artist and how the world can be improved. I think that by setting an example, even though I have many flaws, I think I can help the youth so that they have a closer relationship with God,” real-name reggaeton player José Álvaro Osorio Balvin told the media.

Other guests include American actress Patricia Heaton, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, British actor David Oyelowo, Canadian singer Alessi Cara and more.

“We have the great challenge of building, with the participation of the Pope, the beginning of a conversation about how we can take advantage of the arts, media and entertainment to trigger a cultural transformation that promotes the common good, universal values ​​and the encounter between people”, said Luis Quinelli, president of Fundación Vitae Globall, promoter of the event.

Pope Francis seeks to foster a culture of unity with inspiring content that comes from celebrities, who have a responsibility to bring universal values ​​to their public, as well as promote the encounter.

“Like truth, goodness and, particularly for artists, beauty, a path of contemplation. You are preachers of beauty! Beauty is good, beauty heals, beauty takes you forward on the path!” Pope Francis said in a brief statement.

Separately, the event will follow a series of meetings Francis recently held with cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church amid rumors about his health and possible retirement.

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