Ivonne Reyes returns to the media spotlight after the very tough interview with which Pepe Navarro assured in ‘Saturday Deluxe’, more emphatically than ever and with “evidence to prove it”, that he is not the biological father of Alejandro Reyes.

A few words to which the Venezuelan, indignant, has spoken in ‘The Ana Rosa program’, assuring that Pepe’s statements were expected because “it is very predictable.”

“There has been nothing that surprised me,” she added, making it clear that despite the alleged evidence that the presenter has in her possession, “justice has proved me right. It is something that has already been judged and there is no recourse”.

“Alejandro is his legitimate son, since he is recognized in a firm judicial sentence,” she added, so in the words of the Venezuelan, “he has the same rights as his brothers and is immovable for all legal purposes.” “It is absolutely false” that they can disinherit him when Pepe dies, as the journalist has hinted in her interview in the ‘Deluxe’.

But despite her anger, Ivonne confesses that for the moment she thinks “to stay out of it” and not respond to her son’s father exclusively. An attitude that her son also shares, who “continues with his work as an actor in Madrid for which he has been preparing for so long.”

A war that he has maintained with the journalist since time immemorial, and the actress’s life has always been marked by her love and controversy with Pepe Navarro.

Her television beginnings

Ivonne Dayanna Reyes Torres, the fourth of five siblings, she was born on October 8, 1967 in Valencia (Venezuela). In 1990 she gave the “yes, I want” with Miguel Mata, brother and manager of the famous soap opera actor Carlos Mata, who opens the doors of the world of television to her.

A year later they both move to Madrid, where the Venezuelan tries professional luck; and only four years later she broke her relationship with “Micky”.

Ivonne Reyes assures that Pepe Navarro asked her to abort.

Ivonne Reyes assures that Pepe Navarro asked her to abort.

She achieved fame in country thanks to her role as a hostess in the contest The right price, presented by Joaquín Prat. They followed her in order All for the pasta, The battle of the stars, Big party and The great game of the goose, where she met Pepe Navarro.

Both had a secret relationship that lasted four years, from 1995 to 1999. From this love story was born Alejandro Reyes, the only son of the actress.

A also secret paternity, of which we were not aware until the lawsuit filed by this on December 15, 2009 claiming that he was the presenter’s son, since at that time she was dating a Jose Maria Guzman, Spanair pilot. That is when her judicial “ordeal” against Pepe Navarro began.

The photos that Ivonne Reyes published with her son were taken by the Venezuelan Carlos Marques.

The photos that Ivonne Reyes published with her son were taken by the Venezuelan Carlos Marques.

His judicial “ordeal”

After years of getting recognized as the presenter’s son, she finally in 2012, the Court of Section 22 of the Provincial Court of Madrid ratified the paternity, despite not having undergone the required DNA tests.

A war between the two that escalated when he came of age, but to this day Pepe Navarro continues to maintain that Alejandro is not his son and it is all about a great lie by Ivonne Reyes.

Meanwhile, Ivonne Reyes has continued her television career as a presenter on ‘Look who is dancing’ or a contestant on ‘Big Brother Vip’. Also in the sentimental field she maintained a relationship with the commander of Air Europa Victor Martinez Chocarro, the Burgos businessman called Jesus Arranz Monk, a former position of the PP, Sergio Ayala; and the last, a well-known soap opera actor named Gabriel Fernandez, with whom she had announced her engagement in style, but whose wedding was canceled just a few weeks before it was held, thus ending their love story after seven months together.

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