The president of the Community of Madrid seems to have a new illusion with this attractive 45-year-old health technician, according to the exclusive of the magazine Lecturas.

Although the Madrid president has had a heart attack agenda with the recent elections, she has found time to rebuild her personal life with an attractive young man with whom the magazine ‘Lecturas’ has managed to photograph her.

The couple spent a few days relaxing in Ibiza and they are seen enjoying a pleasant walk near the sea or kissing on a terrace. The images leave no room for doubt.

At the moment the identity of this handsome stranger with whom Díaz Ayuso has managed to rebuild herlove life is not known after breaking up with her partner in recent years, the hairdresser Jairo Alonso.

However, some media suggest that it is a 45-year-old sanitary technician.

This is a dark man, bearded and curly hair, attractive and well dressed as can be seen in the photographs, in which he is wearing short jeans, a white long-sleeved shirt, shoes and sunglasses.

For her part, the president of the Community of Madrid is dressed in sport, with long black pants, a green neckline T-shirt, sunglasses and sneakers.

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