Isa Pantoja is one of the names that we have repeated the most in recent days. An involuntary protagonist of today, she is not only talked about because of her part after the broadcast of Julián Muñoz’s docuseries, but also because of the merciless war she has with her brother Kiko Rivera, and because of the mysterious end of her friendship with Marta I can.

And it is that from being nail and flesh and becoming an inseparable tandem to not speaking to each other. But what happened between Isa and Antonio David Flores’s girlfriend?

According to Europa Press, it is said that the reporter would know many intimacies of the Pantoja, since she was in Cantora several times and even spent a New Year’s Eve there, which in its day gave a lot to talk about after Kiko allegedly caught several friends of his sister in a compromising attitude at the tonadillera’s house, and that he would have threatened the Chabelita herself so she wouldn’t talk about her.

Some rumors in which Isabel Pantoja’s daughter prefers not to enter, assuring that she prefers to “stay out.” “I don’t think she wants to bring up things from the past, but for that reason I don’t want to continue with the subject, because it’s something from the past and it doesn’t make sense,” she says very seriously, refusing to confess why her friendship with Marta Riesco ended.

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