Soccer player Travis Kelce is currently in everyone’s eye because of his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. This has made people start talking about his life before the singer and the properties that they will possibly share:

Travis Kelces Luxurious Kansas City Apartment 4

Travis Kelces Luxurious Kansas City Apartment 3

Travis Kelces Luxurious Kansas City Apartment 2

Travis Kelces Luxurious Kansas City Apartment

The professional soccer player Travis Kelce is currently in the eye of everyone around the world, this after rumors of a romantic relationship between him and singer Taylor Swift broke out.

From Arrowhead Stadium to Luxury Mansions: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Real Estate Rumors

The rumors started after the pop star was spotted at the Arrowhead Stadium bar during a game between the Kansas City Chiefs, where Kelce plays, and the NFL’s Chicago Bears.

Now all the media is talking about the 33-year-old Westlake, Ohio native’s past relationships and even the properties he might share with Swift.

The first thing that came to light is that Kelce usually rents a luxurious apartment located in an impressive Kansas City high-rise called One Light Luxury. According to some media, the American pays $4,000 dollars for this place per month.

The apartment has an extension of 1,300 square feet distributed in two bedrooms, two bathrooms, foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities.

The place is not too spacious but stands out for its modern style, large floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood floors and other details.

In addition, the 25-story building offers several common services to all tenants. One example is the security and the large swimming pool overlooking the city.

The reason why Kelce decides to rent this residence is unknown, as he owns a large mansion recently remodeled in the same city.

According to ‘New York Post’, Swift’s new romantic interest bought in 2019 a house in Briarcliff West, Kansas City, for $995,000 dollars.

Apparently that house has an extension of 10,000 square feet distributed in two floors. Outside it has green areas, terrace, swimming pool and other ideal spaces to enjoy the outdoors.

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