Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Víctor Álvarez Puga have an arrest warrant against them for alleged money laundering, carried out since 2016

Inés Gómez Mont has been one of the most mentioned and questioned Mexican celebrities on social networks since last Friday, September 10, it was made public that she and her husband Victor Alvarez Puga they have an arrest warrant against them for alleged money laundering, carried out since 2016.

The legal situation so far continues under an unfavorable outlook for the former driver of Windowing since in the few official communications that they have made through their Instagram account, toboth keep insisting they’re innocent and it’s all about a misunderstanding.

In June of this year, a federal judge gave Gómez Mont an amparo. This ruling ordered the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) annul an agreement where the presenter requested that no criminal action be brought against her.

At that time, she was accused of allegedly having carried out operations with resources of illicit origin. It is currently known that the Mexican presenter avoided a lawsuit for tax evasion by paying the Federal Treasury the amount of 10 million 967 thousand pesos for contributions.

Since that moment, the Mexican show business has been divided since although many have remained on the sidelines, such as her close friend Galilea MontijoOthers have taken the opportunity to narrate their bad experiences with her. For this reason, constantly every new detail about the case Puga Mont It is a trend as it happened on the morning of this Monday, December 27, after the newspaper The Day give new information about your legal situation.

Posted that Gómez Mont and her husband had approached the FGR to collaborate and try to obtain a criterion of opportunity that would allow them not to enter the prison or, in that case, obtain a low conviction..

According to federal sources consigned by that newspaper, The couple would provide information to the federal agency to locate, detain and prosecute businessmen and former public officials who, for years, defrauded the Treasury through shell companies.

In addition, the authorities assure that the location and capture of the couple has been complicated because, according to the investigations, a the couple have been seen in various South American countries and moving by sea.

According to investigations, the couple have been seen in various South American countries and moving by sea (Photo: Instagram by Inés Gómez Mont)

Tita Bravo, former mother-in-law of the famous, revealed in previous weeks that Gómez Montse could be found hiding in the Dominican Republic with her husband: “LThe last I knew is that they were in the Dominican Republic but I cannot assure that they are still there. What I can say is that where my grandchildren are, Javier will go for them, “he said.

For this reason, the couple and the rest of their large family had to spend the Christmas season in a very reserved way and in a low profile, contrary to what they had experienced in previous years, where she even conducted the New Year’s Eve specials. Televisa.

2022 seems to be a difficult year for her, because if a good agreement is not reached, the couple could be in prison in no time, Without counting that your public image has deteriorated in an impressive way and it will be very difficult to repair that damage.

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