Inés Arrimadas and Xavier Cima are expecting their second child

Inés Arrimadas and Xavier Cima are expecting their second child

The president of Ciudadanos would give birth to her second child in the first months of 2022

Fifteen months after the birth of Álex, the first child of the president of Ciudadanos and the former CiU deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia, the couple would have decided to go a step further and go for a new member for the family. This is confirmed by the protagonist herself on social networks:

“Hi everyone! We have something very special to tell you: if everything goes well, next year we will be one more in the family. We are very happy and excited about the news. We are very excited to give Alex a little brother and we are already looking forward to having him in our arms. Thank you very much in advance for your love. I am perfectly fine and I can only reaffirm that forming a family is one of the best gifts that life can give you.”

Inés Arrimadas gave birth last May 21 to her first child, a news that she herself confirmed through social networks. Through a photograph and a text on Instagram, she announced Alex’s happy arrival: “Today little Alex has arrived in the world. We wanted to see his face!”.

An event that forever marked the life of the happy couple, which occurred the “yes, I do” in 2016 at a wedding held in Jerez de la Frontera, three years after love emerged in the Catalan chamber.

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