“If they leave us” ONLINE via Las Estrellas: how and at what time to watch the Televisa soap opera

“If they leave us” ONLINE via Las Estrellas: how and at what time to watch the Televisa soap opera

This production has a great cast of actors made up of Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus Ornellas and Alexis Ayala, as the protagonists.

One of the last soap operas produced by the renowned Carlos Bardasano hit the screens of Televisa this November 1. We are talking about “If they let us“, The program premiered on June 1 in the United States that will occupy the space left by”The soulless”.

“If We Are Left” is based on the 1993 Colombian novel “Señora Isabel” and tells the story of Alicia , a 50-year-old female and mother of three who, after divorcing her husband, finds love again in a man several years younger than her.

This production has a great cast of actors made up of Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus Ornellas and Alexis Ayala , as the protagonists, along with Scarlet Gruber as the antagonist. Other renowned artists who are part of history are Gabriela Spanic, Susana Dosamantes, Isabel Burr, Carlos Said, Isidora Vives , among others.


The novel premiered in Mexico this November 1, at 9:30 p.m., on the ‘Las Estrellas’ channel. Likewise, those who wish to see the program online must access the web, at the same time. In the case of international audiences, they can tune in to “If you leave us” via Blim .


“Si nos Leaves” follows Alicia Montiel who is about to turn 30 years married to Sergio Carranza , a renowned journalist and Mexican television star with whom she has three children: Yuri, Gonzalo and Miranda.

She prides herself on having an exemplary family, but does not imagine that her husband has had a mistress for some years. His world will fall apart after learning the whole truth.

For Alicia the betrayal is enormous. After many hours of crying and insomnia, you must make a decision: forgive your husband or for the first time in your life give yourself the place you deserve and safeguard your dignity by filing for a divorce.

Neither the situation nor the decision will be easy, but Alicia has two great friends: Fedora and Rebeca , who will accompany and advise her. After this hard moment, life seems to give her a new chance in love, as she meets Martín , a young man much younger than her, with whom she ends up falling in love.


  • Mayrín Villanueva as Alicia Montiel . She has been married to Sergio Carranza for 30 years, with whom she has three children. She has dedicated her life to her family and her only activity outside the home is to be the image and director of an NGO. After discovering her husband’s infidelity, she will try to meet again.
  • Marcus Ornellas as Martín Guerra Vegas . He is part of the team of journalists for Sergio Carranza’s program. He is a fair, loving, sensitive and funny man.
  • Alexis Ayala as Sergio Carranza . Alicia’s husband is a renowned Mexican television journalist. He has a clear goal: to become a co-owner of the communication consortium for which he works.
  • Scarlet Gruber as Julieta Lugo . The talented journalist is Sergio Carranza’s lover. She is ambitious, charismatic and very nice.
  • Isabel Burr as Yuridia “Yuri” Carranza Montiel . She is the daughter of Alicia and Sergio. She works as an attorney and is a passionate advocate for justice.
  • Carlos Said as Gonzalo Carranza Montiel . He studies medicine for his father, but deep down his true vocation is pastry. His world will change when he falls in love with Fedora, his mother’s best friend.
  • Isidora Vives as Miranda Carranza Montiel . The youngest of the Carranza family suffers from bullying at school. The young woman will fall into a terrible depression, which will set off the alarms in her parents.
  • Gabriela Spanic as Fedora Montelongo . Liberal and non-judgmental woman who will live a love story with the son of her best friend Alicia.
  • Susana Dosamantes as Eva “Tita” . Alicia’s mother is a conservative woman. He feels that his daughter does not have the necessary mettle to hold the family together and holds her responsible for his divorce.

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