Humberto Zurita approves series about Christian Bach

Humberto Zurita explains that his wife did not like tributes, but he understands that if his sons want to honor her with a bioseries about her life, he supports and understands them.

Humberto Zurita supports his sons, Emiliano and Sebastián Zurita, in the idea of making a series to tell the life of his mother Christian Bach, although he shares that the late actress did not like tributes or talking so much about her private life.

“If he or they, Sebastian and his partners are thinking of making a bioseries to Christian, well, that’s great!

“His mother was not into that kind of thing, that’s why there has been this secrecy around her, because she didn’t like that kind of thing, or tributes or anything; but if her children want to do a tribute to her, well, who’s going to stop them.”

However, the actor explains that his late wife never hid anything bad and always showed herself to the press as she was. “She is not a woman of limits, she was not. Her life was always very open towards you, the affection she always had for you.”

“She is a very dear woman. I always upload a picture of her to my feed with a poem, I upload something of mine and I get twelve thousand likes, and I upload one of her and I get one hundred and thirty thousand likes, you know what I mean?”.

Humberto announces the beginning of the second tour of his play “Papito Querido” next September 18 in the state of Puebla, Mexico, very happy in his romance with Stephanie Salas, but he makes it clear that he is not thinking about a wedding with Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter.

“You’re in another century, they don’t use that (wedding) anymore. No, not among older people, no, respect us, let the young people get married! We are having a great time, we are living a very full life, very ‘fatherly’, very new. I’m in a second chance, I think she is the eighth, it’s not so much (jokes)….

“I’m not, it’s only the second one, but she and I are really happy”.

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