With the publication of the second season of Luis Miguel: The series, Diego Boneta’s bonuses rose and projected the Mexican actor on an international level given the fame that the project achieved among audiences in multiple countries.

The also singer is in a successful point of his career, and although his foray into Hollywood cinema in projects such as Rock of Ages and Scream Queens gave projection to his career, it was the bioseries on “The sun” the one that made him famous in Latin America.

But not only the recognition of his talent has been valued by the public that has seen the actor grow up who began his career as a child as part of the cast of Televisa, but also his bank account has grown notably with several million pesos.

And is that to star in the series that tells unpublished details of the family and professional life of Luis Miguel, Boneta would have received only in the first season, 150 thousand USD or 3 million pesos per episode, that is, 1 million 950 thousand USD for the first 13 chapters.

However, for the second installment that just reached its final chapter, the figure received by the actor increased to 3.5 million pesos per chapter, or 175 thousand USD, according to information from the portal Time.

In addition to this figure, it must be remembered that the actor also serves as executive producer of the series, He is also a partner with the same Luis Miguel and the production company, so it could also receive payment from some royalty percentage.

After the end of the series, it has been speculated what the third season It is already recorded, because in past months the actor was seen Oscar Jaenada -who gave life to Luisito Rey in the first season- living with Diego Boneta in Mexico City, where the series was recorded.

According to the same medium, Diego Boneta was very demanding when negotiating with Netflix his participation in the series to define his salary, and it transpired that for the first season he received between $ 100,000 and $ 175,000 for playing the role of Luis Miguel in each episode.

As for the interpreter of How is it possible that by my side has also been revealed that he is the one who got the most out of the series that he reveals to the public his personal vision of much of his life.

According to the information disclosed, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri would have collected five million USD for the first season, and for the second, the figure would have risen to 15 million USD.

This amount far exceeds, for example, the 4.5 million USD collected by actor Joaquin Phoenix for starring in the acclaimed film Joker, with which he obtained a Oscar award.

In addition to what both Luis Miguel and Diego Boneta have perceived for their work in the acclaimed series from Netflix, are considered separately commercial and advertising contracts derived from Luis Miguel: The series that both artists have achieved.

Just this Sunday, June 6, People With Money He reported that Boneta is the highest paid singer in the world, with a hefty $ 46 million received between May 2020 and May 2021, taking an advantage of almost 20 million USD over its closest competitor.

According to the publication, the Mexican artist’s heritage is estimated at $ 145 million and has made investments in real estate stocks, and lucrative endorsements in the cosmetics brand Cover Girl. It also owns several chain restaurants “Diego, the hungry one”, in Mexico, as well as an American football team, the “Angeles de la Ciudad de México”.

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