The singer from Mexico, known as “El Sol”, has two children with the well-known actress.

After the Netflix series on the life of Luis Miguel, the public was able to learn much more about his career, personal life, relationships, and the economic problems the singer went through. However, something that was not mentioned was his relationship with Aracely Arámbula, the soap opera actress with whom he had two children and now it is presumed that they have settled the claim for food that they had for a long time.

“El Sol” from Mexico and the protagonist of the recent melodrama, “La madrastra”, began their relationship in 2005 and it lasted four years. During that time, their two little ones were born: Miguel and Daniel.

In “Luis Miguel: the series” , we learned that the interpreter of “La incondicional” had many financial problems due to large debts and waste . This is not only part of the fiction, as it has also been mentioned by his representatives before and made headlines.

Despite the incredible fortune that he built over more than four decades, his ex-partner had to start a legal lawsuit for the payment of alimony for his youngest children.

This battle would have started four years ago, approximately, but everything indicates that Luis Miguel would have settled his debt. Next, he discovers the millionaire sum that the artist would have paid.


Considering all the years that have passed, the sum that Luis Miguel had to pay Aracely Arámbula for the support of his children de él was a millionaire. According to journalist Jorge Carbajal, the actress would have asked him for a monthly amount of $25,000 per month for each minor. This translates into just over 485 thousand Mexican pesos. A tickle for Luismi’s wallet?

Not so much if we take into account the retroactive payments that were not made in recent years, which amounts to more than 40 million pesos. It is worth mentioning that this information has not been confirmed by either of them.

In the past, Aracely Arámbula has commented on the importance of Luis Miguel not only contributing financially, but also being present in the lives of her children. But hey… We already know that Micky doesn’t have the best track record as a father (let’s not forget that it took him many years to recognize Michelle Salas as his daughter).

“I would prefer to share more time with the family, that they could also share there, because time does not return. I would tell him to take that balm of love and in the most loving way not to miss those moments with them, not with me, it is with them, ”Arámbula said at the time, although until now he has not commented on the information about maintenance.


The news about the balance of the alimony debt makes more sense with the confirmation that Luis Miguel is paying everything he owes. His financial advisor, Carlos Bremer, confirmed that his goal is not to have any liabilities in order to start restarting his career with a tour in 2023.

“He can have a thousand fights, a thousand problems, but when he grabs the microphone he is the best in Latin America and he is a hero of Mexico. Luismi paid absolutely everything he owed, from the lawsuit with Alejandro Fernández to the transit permit for his car, ”he explained to TVyNovelas.

The 52-year-old interpreter wants to resume the successful career he had years ago, which is why they are undertaking a financial restructuring, but also a psychological one so that he is well in body and mind.

One of the restrictions that he has now is not being able to spend money unnecessarily, so he no longer has the life of exorbitant luxuries that he had before. Furthermore, she aims to direct these funds to the show that she has in mind for her comeback from her.


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