Amouranth is one of the most watched streamers on the popular Twitch platform and the only woman in the top 100 overall, according to statistics. She is very open about situations such as stalking, but also how she invests her money and many other details from her life. So when she recently vaguely tweeted that something terrible had happened, many fans were concerned for Amouranth’s safety.

Hot tub explodes

The good news is that Amouranth is safe, however it hasn’t been certain for a while when she’ll be streaming next. She is currently streaming on Twitch again, but not in her usual streaming setup. On her personal Twitter account, she shared that her hot tub “exploded.”

Exactly what happened isn’t known, but as many know, she was a leading figure in Twitch’s Hot Tub meta. But so much water so close to expensive streaming hardware is without a doubt a recipe for disaster!

She revealed that the blast destroyed her entire twitch streaming space. Amouranth made a name for their questionable “Hot Tub” streams, which are also under criticism in Germany.

It’s uncertain how long it will be before their standard Twitch streams are up and running again. She’s probably already started renovating the room and getting new equipment. It is also very likely that she will have a new hot tub installed.

It seems Amouranth wasn’t in the room when this happened because judging by the timing of her tweets she seems to be fine. At least no one was hurt, costly as that may be. In her tweet she announced that she would like to post more pictures in the future.
Here’s the tweet:

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