Grettell Valdez

Grettell Valdez revealed what really happens with her husband

The actress answered the question of one of her Instagram followers

Last July Grettel Valdez was in the eye of the hurricane because it became known that her husband, Leo Clerc, was facing a legal process of a case that has more than 10 years in Switzerland . The situation was clarified with a letter that the Swiss businessman sent to the media.

For her part, the actress has continued to share her life through her Instagram account. There, Valdez revealed that he has had difficult days, which were complicated after the recent death of his father. Nonetheless, she thanked her fans for their support and even invited them to ask her questions.

One of her followers questioned her about what was happening with her husband. The interpreter then posted a selfie of her partner, with a lake and a mountain in the background. With this, she assured that everything was fine with him, and confirmed that the model has been traveling to Switzerland very often.

“Nothing, working between Mexico and Switzerland, as always . It comes and goes . They don’t see it on my networks because they don’t like it and I respect that . His mother [is] very serious and that makes him very sad , ”Valdez explained.

According to the magazine Hello! a few months ago the actress shared that her mother-in-law was in very poor health , and this was the main reason for Clerc’s trips to her native country.

Difficult months

In the last days of July , Clerc wrote a letter to Pati Chapoy in which she revealed everything that was happening in her life . The communicator read it on her TV Azteca program .

“Today, my wife and some friends sent me a fragment of their program in which they talk about a server and their stay in my country; about it, I want to share with you that, indeed, I am in Switzerland, missing my wife a lot. I am at home taking care of my mother, in the company of my relatives , these last weeks have been very difficult for me, between my mother’s illness and not having my wife around, time passes more slowly, ”he wrote.

In the letter he also explained that she was in Switzerland, trying to repair the damage he had done. she added that she was not in prison and thanked the people who gave him a second chance .

Grettell Valdez and Guillermo Smyth
Grettell Valdez considered Guillermo Smyth as her father

“Almost 10 years ago, at the age of 29, I made a mistake that I regret to this day, an error that I publicly admitted and that had a public sanction, an error on which I will not stop until I compensate the society of my country. any damage that has been caused to you, directly or indirectly. I am currently in Switzerland attending to my legal situation with total freedom of movement ”, she declared.

Even though things seemed to be going better for the actress, earlier this month Valdez revealed that her father figure, actor Guillermo Smyth, was brain dead. She also announced that the family’s decision was to avoid his suffering, so they would disconnect him soon.

After his death, Valdez posted on Instagram an image with the actor, who was actually her uncle, and dedicated a message to him.

“You were a great warrior fighting until the last moment. For me it is very difficult to let you go, you were my father in every sense of the word , you never stopped taking care of me and loving me. Thank you for teaching me that life is always lived with love, I grew up admiring you and you were the one who motivated me to achieve my dreams and be what I am now, your talent on stage was my best example, I love you, I will miss you very much, but I know we will see each other again, ”she wrote.

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