The reactions in the Ortega Cano family have not been long in coming after the premiere of the trailer for ‘Rocio’s last trip’

It was already notified last week. After the holiday bridge for the Day of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception, in ‘Sálvame’ news about the second part of the documentary series by Rocio Carrasco would be announced.

Although everyone was waiting for the premiere date, for now viewers will have to settle for ‘Rocio’s last trip’, a special that will consist of the re-transmission of the transfer of Rocio Jurado’s belongings, which supposedly include compromised documents for part of her family, to the point where the recordings of ‘En el nombre de Rocío’ will begin.

The news has revolutionized a good part of public opinion and the first reactions from the part of the clan that would make the worst stop after the publication of the Rocío Jurado documents.

In this sense, although Gloria Camila Ortega preferred not to speak to the press during an event she attended, now she has launched a strong message that has not left anyone indifferent.

A humility cure never hurts”, the young woman has sentenced on her Instagram account. The right-hander’s daughter thus highlights the need to put the feet on the ground and reduce arrogance, arrogance or arrogance in favor of modesty, statements that could well be directed to her sister Rocio Carrasco.

The one who has been much clearer has been Rosa Benito. Rocio Carrasco’s aunt did not mince words when it came to assessing the trailer for ‘Rocio’s last trip’, and has revealed what would be the first lie of the heiress of ‘the greatest’.

While in the report it is ensured that she does not know part of the content of the singer’s documents, the collaborator assures that it is not like that and that she knows perfectly what those items contain.

“Your heiress does have to know or at least have to worry about what’s there. She dismantled a house with more than 40 years of history and she did not throw anything away. The house had to be emptied to sell it, my niece Rocio does have to know what there was.” Rosa Benito stressed in statements to her program.

In addition, she launched a petition before the premiere of ‘Rocio’s last trip’ and ‘In the name of Rocio’: “I just want the name of Rocio Jurado to be clean, is the only thing she has done in her life. Do not mess with anyone, do not judge anyone or anything and fight for his career and leave a legacy in music”.

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