Grieving processes can be long and full of ups and downs, for this reason it is good to surround yourself with people who provide comfort in difficult times. Georgina Rodríguez receives a lot of love from her family, friends and followers, who have supported her during the last weeks after the loss of her baby.

For the first time after the sad event, she was seen enjoying a walk with her closest friends in the capital of her native Spain, where she visited the Pestana CR7 Gran Vía Madrid hotel to distract her mind with some movies and good food. The afternoon was documented with a series of photos.

Through her Instagram account, Georgina Rodríguez was sharing a reel with photos of the most beautiful moments of her “getaway” on Wednesday, June 1. In most of her images her children appear in the most tender poses performing the activities scheduled for the holidays.

It was also seen Georgina Rodriguez a little more relaxed and with a bright smile drawn on her face, a source of joy for her fans who hoped to see her happy again, even for a few moments.

Wonderful dinner at the best hotel in Madrid @pestanacr7granviamadrid with the best views, the best company and we ended such a special afternoon at the theater watching the ‘Lion King'”, she wrote at the bottom of the post.

Georgina Rodríguez relaxing with family

Georgina Rodríguez relaxing with family

The wife of the high performance athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo took advantage of the fact that her partner is in the concentration of the Portuguese national team to break with the routine and enjoy new activities, which also contribute to raising her mood.

Remember that previously Georgina Youth as she has been nicknamed on the internet, was present at the Cannes Film Festival showing off a spectacular figure decked out in an impressive silver-colored design very much in the style of Hollywood divas, the perfect style for the French event.

However, after the gala Georgina Rodriguez she had not reappeared in public life. But her fans are very happy to see her return little by little to social networks with small fragments of her life. That’s why they filled her comment section with her best wishes and compliments.

“What a wonderful afternoon”, “How beautiful everyone!”, “Wonderful, what a surprise the Pestana CR7 food!! BRUTAL!!”, “Hahaha I love the annoying little face of the little girl behind the tree, I think she also wanted to be in the photo”, “Thank you for sharing those beautiful postcards”, “What better plan with the children and the gang”, were some of the comments on the publication.

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