Georgina Rodríguez: Cristiano’s best support in his most emotional World Cup

Georgina Rodríguez: Cristiano’s best support in his most emotional World Cup

The tears that clouded the eyes of Cristiano Ronaldo in the minutes before his debut at the World Cup in Qatar, while the Portuguese anthem was playing from the loudspeakers of the stadium, are a clear indication that the 37-year-old footballer wants to savor the maximum what will surely be his last participation in a championship of such a nature.

Taking into account that, just a few days ago, the Portuguese agreed with Manchester United to rescind his contract, without forgetting that it is unlikely that he will sign for any elite European club in the middle of this season, the attitude that exhibited by the former Madrid player in the match played yesterday Thursday between his national team and the Ghana team seemed like a full-fledged farewell.

The star of the ball scored a penalty and played a very prominent role in the long-suffering victory of his team, who finally beat their rivals by three goals to two. On his social networks, Cristiano not only openly celebrated the promising start of his team at the World Cup, but also published several photos that portray him hugging teammates like Joao Félix and Bruno Fernandes, his natural successors and to whom he will soon hand over the baton as squad leader.

The emotion that invaded the athlete on such a special day was quickly replicated by his partner, Georgina Rodríguez. The Spanish model has stood for years as the great pillar and emotional support of her boyfriend in a frankly difficult stage both personally and professionally, marked by the loss of one of the two children they were expecting last April.

That explains why the designer and television star would also like to proudly claim Cristiano’s already legendary imprint on the history of world football. “Come on, champion!” Georgina wrote on her Instagram account to celebrate the Portuguese victory and also to encourage the striker for the next matches of the tournament. To remind her partner’s detractors of the greatness of her figure, Georgina also shared on her profile a video of the spectacular event that recently took place in Times Square, New York, to present the statue of Cristiano at the Madame Tussaud wax museum.

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