From behind her wet “peach” Issa Vegas shows off like a motomami

From behind her wet “peach” Issa Vegas shows off like a motomami

Issa Vegas: as a “motomami” shows off her wet “peach”

In the style of the famous singer Rosalia Issa Vegas is presumed to be a “motomami”, because riding a motorcycle and wearing a tiny outfit, she gives her followers a view that left them speechless, she shared behind the scenes of how they made the video.

Since previously the Argentine model shared a flirtatious video where she expressed her love for the extreme sport called motocross, in said clip she presumed to do some laps on the motorcycle, with the appropriate protective equipment, however, very much in her style. He also gave his fans some shots where his outfits are so small that they leave part of his charms out in the open.

So on this occasion, he shared behind the scenes of the production of the video that fascinated his followers so much, where he showed Issa Vegas on top of the motorcycle the cameraman capturing certain shots while a production person pours a little water on the charms on the back of the model to give the shots a more flirty touch.

the followers of Issa Vegas They did not hesitate to go to the comments section to praise the shots that the beautiful model was giving them and they also did not hide “the envy” they felt that they were not the people of the team that appears together with the Argentine so that they could appreciate live the view that left them by social networks.

Almost half a million views in just a few hours acquired the post, which she titled “Backstage” as it showed how some effects that appeared in the original video had been created.

Issa Vegas
Issa Vegas: like a “motomami” shows off her wet “peach”

He reminisced about the past while currently on a road trip through the state of California, documenting everything to his loyal followers through Instagram stories where he shares parties he has attended, the beautiful views of the restaurants he has visited and He has even made recommendations for car rentals which he has resorted to once while there.

And recently he shared a story where it is a clip where he is seen in a flirtatious outfit that leaves very little to the imagination, since the beautiful model is dedicated to uploading content to the host platform of “only fans“, on his social networks he leaves them “little tastes” of what can be found there.

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