Phil Spencer will allow the creation of a workers’ union at Raven Software

Phil Spencer will allow the creation of a workers’ union at Raven Software

The purchase of Activision by Microsoft is well underway, although as of today it is not yet complete, so Microsoft at this time does not have any power to make changes internally. From Raven Software they have wanted to claim their rights and demand to be able to form a union made up of 12 workers.

At the moment, as we say, neither Microsoft nor Phil Spencer have the power to make this decision, but as we have learned through Kotaku, the head of the Xbox division would not oppose the creation of this union and would approve it once were made definitively with Activision.

Phil Spencer takes a stand for workers

Once the deal is concluded, we have every intention of supporting the organization formed by the employees. We believe that it is a right of our employees and it is something that can become part of the relationship that exists between a company and those who work for it.

The relationship between Activision and the workers has gone from scandal to scandal in recent years, we hope that after these changes the waters subside and the workers and businessmen can find the long-awaited common ground so that everything comes to fruition.

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