Wanda Nara recounted details of her marital crisis with Mauro Icardi in an interview with Susana Giménez in Paris, France. “I believe in forgiveness and I believe in the word. I looked him in the eye, we were alone and I believe in his regret “, said the businesswoman about the affair between the player and China Suarez.

In the cycle Team flower they made an interesting reflection: “I think that what is happening to Wanda, happens to 99% of couples. It has happened to me, it has happened to another. We have been victims and victimizers. And this is put on the table again, that is why there is so much fascination with this subject because it is something that all couples go through”.

Journalist Thomas Dente pointed out: “Here are three well-known people, who are China, Wanda and Mauro. Wanda also has that thing that awakens desire in people because she has a life like a queen”.

The driver interrupted him and asked: “That’s where I put the point. If this happens to the ‘queen’, as you say, what is left for me that I am ironing all day? There is something about that that generated a thing of ‘ah, and if it happened to Wanda that she has 70 million euros in the bank, that she has the most beautiful husband and that she is supposed to have a happier life, what is left to us? U.S? There is some of that that is put into play and some of the debate that it installed”.

Later, Peña recalled the debate that was generated when she revealed that she had an open relationship with Ramiro Ponce de León:

Just as it happened to me at the time with the ‘polyamory’, now the little chatter installs it with her husband ‘and you, what would you do if I meet another?’. There is something that it generated in couples, because it has to do with the fact that we continue not to talk about infidelity as an issue that in the year almost 2022 is difficult and more with the networks.”

On the other hand, Florencia will be absent from Monday, December 6 in her program and will be replaced by Wanda’s sister, Zaira, as she could know Teleshow. The host and actress will travel to Barcelona, ​​Spain, to participate in the cycle Around the world of her friend Marley.

Recently, Zaira made reference to the scandal that Wanda starred in in an interview with German Paoloski in the cycle It’s not too late. The model was very affected by this situation:

“They ask me on the street, I swear. They tell me: ‘I am Wandagate’. Don’t tell me anything that hurts me! Strong family themes affect me a lot. I try to take care of myself a little”.

She also pointed out that he has a very close bond with his sister despite the distance: “We have a very close relationship and she abuses herself. I am very adviser to my sister but she does not give me a ball. My advice is in vain, one says: ‘Why are you asking me if you are going to do what you want?'”

Then, she added: “I think sometimes when you know what to do but are not so determined, you hear someone else say the opposite and you confirm that you don’t want to do that. That is what happens”.

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