Florence Peña and Silvina Luna hot video leaked

Florence Peña and Silvina Luna hot video leaked

At the beginning of the year, Silvina Luna and Florencia Peña announced that they had opened an account on a paid platform that allows them to upload erotic content without any limitations.

Thus, each one for their part began to upload adult content to the Divas Play page. But they were also encouraged to share erotic scenes together, which in the last few hours were leaked and came to light.

In LAM, surprised, they talked about the excerpt from the video that quickly went viral on social networks and where Silvina and Flor can be seen naked in a bathtub, hugging and kissing each other on the mouth.

“Celebrities make their videos, upload them to the pages and each one subscribes and you have exclusive content,” explained Àngel de Brito about the hot images that transpired.

“It was recorded on January 8 in a hotel in Palermo. It is Flor Peña who summons Silvina Luna to make this production. What you are going to be able to see are situations in bed and in the bathroom, totally naked”, added Pía Shaw.

Meanwhile, Nazarena Vélez detailed: “They pay you an insurance of, for example, 3,000 dollars. If you sell more, you will charge the difference, that’s why most of the girls from their Instagram already have the link that takes them to their content”.

Several celebrities have already joined this erotic content platform in addition to Silvina and Flor.  And more and more celebrities are participating in this project, including Adabel Guerrero, Silvina Escudero, Celeste Muriega and Christian Sancho.

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