Famous TikTok video creator Tanya Pardazi has died in a skydiving accident at the age of 21.

The star – who had also been a finalist for Miss Canada in a beauty pageant – had gained millions of followers on the platform under the name of @philosatea, however, she lost her life in Toronto after injuries sustained in the first jump of she.

In a statement posted on Facebook last Friday, skydiving company SkyDive Toronto warned: “On Saturday, August 27, at approximately 6:00 p.m. EDT, a 21-year-old female skydiving student succumbed to life-threatening injuries resulting from a The practitioner released the main parachute which was rotating rapidly at low altitude without the time/altitude necessary for the reserve to inflate”.

The company explained that she is deeply affected by what happened, since she has been “perfecting” her training program for half a century. Now, she is working with the police to carry out the necessary investigation.

“The Skydive Toronto team is currently working with the South Simcoe Police on their investigation. The intern had recently joined the skydiving community and will be missed by all of us at Skydive Toronto Inc. The team is deeply affected by this accident, as we have perfected our student training program for more than 50 years,” the company said.

After her death, Tanya’s close friend, Melody Ozgoli, explained that the tragedy has left those who knew her in “shock” and described the late influencer as “adventurous”.

“Tanya had an interest in anything new and adventurous. She really lived every second to the fullest. This is the most shocking thing for us. It’s very hard to take in. It’s been a couple of days, but we still can’t believe it,” she said. Melody.

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