Zajaris Fernández in an interview with the journalist Carlos Armando Cabrera

Zajaris Fernández, Cuban actress (Photo: Zajaris Fernández-Instagram)

The journalist Carlos Armado Cabrera will interview the renowned Cuban actress Zajaris Fernández, a conversation that can be seen exclusively through the Facebook page of Cuban newspaper and channel on YouTube.

The appointment will be at 8:00 pm this Friday, March 19. Without a doubt, a meeting in which you can learn more about this talented and charismatic actress.

Zajaris arrived in Miami at the age of 24 and has managed to triumph in the entertainment media. The beautiful Cuban was one of the stars of the show The Fortune Hunters from AméricaTeVé, where he regained his good sense of humor.

On the Island she is remembered, above all, for her character Lissette Bust Size in Do you swear to tell the truth? and his performance in the movie The earrings that the moon is missing by Charlie Medina.

While still in Cuba, Zajaris belonged to the cast of the humorous radio station After-dinner joys. He was also part of the cast of actors of the Cuban soap opera Al Compás del Son.

Last year, the popular artist was invited to the program of Hello Ota-Ola! by Alexander Otaola and talked about various topics including the reasons why he left Channel 41.

Zajaris said that she was sad in her last season in 41 and that she was not treated well. “They even told me that I was there to cover gaps,” he said.

The young woman left Channel 41 to go to work with Alexis Valdés on Mega TV, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the program was canceled.

Currently, he has won the affection of his thousands of followers with his usual presentations in Old, where not laughing becomes impossible with Zajaris, Aly Sánchez and other Cuban artists who join the fun show.

Zajaris Fernandez en entrevista con el periodista Carlos Armando Cabrera 3

Among his projects, the space also stands out Zajaris Chef where he combines the good taste of the kitchen with famous guest artists.

Zajaris Fernandez en entrevista con el periodista Carlos Armando Cabrera 2

But, don’t be left wanting to know more about this beautiful and talented actress. Connect at the appointed time and find out more details about his personal and professional life!

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