Both are owners of an incredible tenderness and are two very loved characters in the musical environment. Evaluna Montaner and Camilo are always the focus of all eyes, not because of their scandals but because of their wonderful demonstrations of love that the couple has, both above and below the stage.

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo

Always smiling and with millions of followers, both in concerts, as in the fans who follow them everywhere and also in their different personal networks where they gather millions of admirers. For this reason there are events that do not go unnoticed, and one of those events did not go unnoticed.

It is that the singer, daughter of Ricardo Montaner, managed to attract attention with a particular look that aroused the curiosity of her ten million followers, who hinted that the young artist was expecting her second child.

It all came about at the 2022 MTV VMAs awards ceremony, held in New York City. At that gala, Evaluna chose as a wardrobe to wear long black boots that covered a large part of her legs, a white dress that was combined with a black corset and a striking feather skirt.

Both Evaluna and Camilo posed on the red carpet of the gala that rewards the best music video clips, but those photos they took of them went viral and their fans began to speculate about it, without confirmation and from possible theories.

The debate opened up more and more and several came to believe that Evaluna could be pregnant, since the outfit she chose for the event was not the most appropriate. The truth is that the singer did not comment on it and at the moment it would only seem certain assumptions of her fans, always waiting for any detail that she can get rid of.

However, the theory of a possible second child on the way was not the only thing that was speculated, but there were also several users who came out to the crossroads to criticize the look of their stars. “Ridiculous”, “were they dressed up or what”, “Camilo has a clown complex”, “I don’t understand why they dress like that”, were some of the harsh comments that some had.

Regardless of the rumors that have been sown and the criticism about the costumes they decide to wear, at the moment Evaluna and Camilo are very happy from the couple as well as with the arrival of Indigo, the first daughter of the relationship and who was born this year in early April.

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