Through some videos published in his Instagram Stories, Erika Buenfil disclosed that he was the victim of an extortion attempt. The Mexican actress said that in the call they made her believe that some subjects were away from her home.

The one also known as the ‘Queen of Tik Tok’ revealed that, faced with the situation, the first thing she did was write a message of help on Twitter.

I asked via Twitter for someone to help me, I was having a telephone discussion at that time, they made me believe, or they told me, that there were some people outside my house and that, in short, many things that I will give details about later, I was very scared, they gave very specific details that did make me believe that it was possible “, story.

Buenfil pointed out that “he did not know what to do”, as he had never had an experience of this type. “At that moment I didn’t even want to show my face, I didn’t know what to do, it had never happened to me. And I make this request for help, simply to know, my head was closed and I did not know who to turn to. Very nice people answered automatically and they helped me. I’m fine, the complaint has already been raised, but Nicolás and I are fine ”, he limited.

According to the actress from “Overcome the past” after her message broadcast on Twitter, she received the support of public relations officer Víctor Khun, who went to visit her to confirm that she was safe.

“Cute fat boy, thanks for coming to help me as always. Everything is fine now, thanks to everyone who helped me, thanks to those who responded, I don’t want to give names, but thank you really, we’re fine ”, She said in a video where she appears accompanied by Khun.

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