Actor and comedian Enrique San Francisco dies at 65

Actor and Comedian Enrique San Francisco dies at 65

The actor Enrique San Francisco died this Monday at age 65 after spending several weeks admitted to the San Carlos Clinical Hospital of Madrid, as reported by the magazine ‘Hello’!

The reason for his death has been a necrotizing pneumonia which was complicated by another bacterial strain.

Enrique San Francisco was optimistic throughout his admission, but it was this weekend that his health began to deteriorate. His infection spread to his left lung and doctors could do nothing for his life.

His admission coincided with the arrival of Filomena to Madrid. With the city paralyzed, it was a friend of his, a policeman, who was able to take him to the hospital in an SOS 4×4. He couldn’t breathe and could hardly stand. He hadn’t had a fever, just a cough.

There was no one in the emergency room and, in twenty minutes, he was sedated and intubated. The Covid-19 test came back negative, but the infection had reached the kidney and the blood.

The comedian’s health for years was delicate. In 2002 he suffered a serious traffic accident while traveling on a motorcycle that left him in a wheelchair for more than a year, while he stayed away from the stage.

Always very discreet when it comes to his personal life, he has no children and his most media relationship was the one he had with Rosario Flores decades ago, whom he met by filming a video clip of the singer.

Despite the rupture, caused by himself, he has confessed, due to his problems with drugs, he has always assured that he keeps a great memory of La Faraona’s daughter.

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