Emily Ratajkowski Slams Netflix’s ‘Blonde’ Movie

Emily Ratajkowski Slams Netflix’s ‘Blonde’ Movie

In a TikTok video, the model Emily Ratajkowski gave her opinion about the film “Blonde” -in which Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe-, and although she has not yet seen it, she pointed out that in the film “they make a fetish of pain feminine”.

The Netflix movie “Blonde” -starring Ana de Armas and which tells the life of actress Marilyn Monroe- continues to generate mixed reviews. Now it was the model Emily Ratajkowski who, through a video that she published on TikTok, gave her opinion about the film, pointing out that she had not seen it yet.


So done with the fetishization of female pain and suffering. Bitch Era 2022

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“I’m not surprised to hear that it’s another movie where they fetishize female pain, even in death. We do it in many ways. Look at Amy Winehouse, look at Britney Spears, look at the way we obsess over Diana’s death, the way we obsess over dead girls and serial killers, but I want that to change.” said the 31-year-old model, who is rumored to be having an affair with actor Brad Pitt.

Finally, Emily expressed her desire for women to show her anger: “I have a proposal: I think we all need to be more angry and show it, a new era of p *** as. In 2002 I am entering my p***a period”. “Blonde” was directed by Andrew Dominik and premiered on September 28; the name of Ana de Armas is already mentioned as one of the possible candidates for the Oscar award next year.

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