Emilia Mernes shared a daring look on the networks and captivated her followers.

Emilia Mernes is one of the singers of the moment. The 24-year-old artist usually shares on social networks some of the outfits she wears in her presentations and her fans fill her with praise.

On this occasion, Emilia Mernes posed with a transparent bodysuit with silver details. She accompanied the look with loose hair, delicate makeup and two small highlights that she usually shows under her eyes.

As expected, the publication garnered more than 700 thousand “likes” and reactions. La China Suárez was one of the celebrities who did not hesitate to leave her emojis of fire. However, Emilia’s followers came out to the crossing and answered the actress.

“You must want to get duki out, do not trust”, “The duki does not know how to play ball” “Careful queen @emiliamernes do not introduce the Duko”, “Ehhhh with the Duki no eh, do not break the eggs” , they were some of the comments against China Suárez.

Although neither of the two confirmed the romance, Duki and Emilia were shown together on several occasions and the rumor that they would be in a couple grows more and more.

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