In one of the sweetest moments of her life and just a month after her wedding to Gonzalo Sierra, Elena Furiase has just won the Best Actress award at the Jaén Film Festival for the short ‘Bien, bien’.

Happy and smiling we were able to see the granddaughter of ‘Faraona’ last night in the photocall of the Movistar + series that bears her name, a tribute to Lola Flores, twenty-six years after her death.

“It is so beautiful that such an important figure in Spain is not forgotten and recognized,” her granddaughter confessed.

Furiase was only six years old when she left, but that does not mean that his heart does not accumulate memories with her: “I was a little bit her toy, her little doll“.

And the fact is that at 33 years old, the young woman always has her in mind, so much so that she even boasts of having a photo of her on the bedside table that “gives her strength”.

Where Lola Flores was also present was at her wedding, held on September 18 in Vejer de la Frontera; more specifically in her dress:

In my suit, it was a six-shawl suit from Manila”. The daughter of Lolita and Guillermo Furiase, wore a design made by Roberto Diz, a two-piece made up of a blouse and a skirt made on the bias with six hand-embroidered Manila shawls, with the fringes adorning the large train and the sleeves of the bride’s shirt.

The best thing about the honeymoon in Croatia was that we had nothing to do, to be able to enjoy each other without having anything to do.

She revealed with laughter after being asked about her trip that has just arrived, but she also recognized that the fact of saying “yes, I want” to Gonzalo Sierra has not changed her life at all: “My married life is the same as before, nothing has changed, only that I have a ring in my hand, nothing more”, she revealed.

As for her son Noah, who turned three on October 15, she assured that he is “very big and very pretty”.

In the workplace, Lolita’s daughter is immersed in the program ‘Aqui la tierra’ and “pending the release date of the film ‘La Servienta’ and ‘Venus'”, in which we will be able to see Elena again on the big screen.

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