After 18 years of relationship, Edith packed her bags and for some time now she no longer travels with him but rather with her mother, her sister or her daughter. This aroused certain rumors in the environment but she does not dare to end the relationship since they continue to live under the same roof.

In PH, Andy asked her about her relationship and she left more doubts than certainties: “It’s doubtful. I’m going on vacation alone. I live with my ex, but he’s not my ex. We sleep in separate rooms ,” the journalist clarified, indicating that the relationship is coming to an end as they don’t share many things together.

In another passage, Edith recounted how her bond with the father of her first daughter was: “My boyfriend had a crisis when I got pregnant. He didn’t want to and I told him that he was going to go ahead anyway. I never felt bad. I did not experience it as a weight. I was so happy with everything that was happening to me… I didn’t blame him either. After a while, after Paloma was born, she wanted to meet her and gave her her last name. They maintain a link to this day.

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