The CelebJets Instagram account has become a headache for celebrities because it not only collects images of their luxurious private jets, but also echoes the trips they take on board them.

Last week Kylie Jenner found herself in the spotlight for making a 17-minute flight within the state of California, from Camarillo to Van Nuys, which would have taken less than an hour by car. She now has the turn of Drake, whose private plane valued at 185 million dollars made three journeys between Hamilton and Toronto of less than 20 minutes in the space of a month that would have emitted five tons of carbon each.

Unlike the businesswoman, the rapper did want to come out of the controversy in which he has been involved by the use of his Air Drake to explain that in reality he did not give the order for it to take off: “For anyone who was interested in logistics…that’s to move the planes and get them to the airports where they’re stored. Nobody takes those flights.”

It is not clear if this information will improve or worsen the solution, since the point of the criticism that is raining down on him focuses on how harmful these flights are to the environment. Drake has not clarified if he tried to offset his carbon footprint by making a donation to an organization such as Carbon Footprint, which is dedicated to reforesting and reducing the environmental impact of humans.

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