No doubt one of the most beloved figures on Spanish television is Adamari López. The Puerto Rican actress and presenter has built a name on television by dint of charisma, talent and a lot of work, but now everything seems to indicate that she is about to leave the small screen to consider new personal and professional challenges.

And it is that although López has already been away from acting for several years, it was precisely in driving that she found an important niche, more specifically in the morning programs of the Telemundo network, as is the case with “hoy Día”where she has shared the role of presenter with other talents for several years, but apparently this will not be for long, Well, the program is about to come to an end.

The rumor in different entertainment portals, such as “Gossip No Like” by Argentine journalist and presenter Javier Ceriani is that at the end of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, “today” would go off the air to give the space to another project that is yet to be defined.

Does Adamari López continue on television?

If Telemundo were to let Adamari López go, it would be a very bad move, because at the moment she remains one of the strongest figures in the network and for this reason, to end “today” as Ceriani affirms on November 18, it is It is very likely that López will continue in other projects of the chain, although nothing is confirmed.

Although neither López nor her partner Nacho Lozano have confirmed this supposed ending of “Today”, both have enough talent and dedication to continue on screen for many more years.

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