Soledad Pastorutti

Did you overshadow Jésica Cirio? Soledad Pastorutti won praise on “La peña de Morfi” as a guest host

The singer was in the Telefe program and once again demonstrated her impeccable charisma on the screen. What did they say on social media.

Beyond 25 years of musical success, Soledad Pastoruttishe is the owner of an impeccable charisma . In her career, in addition to being a singer-songwriter, La Sole has served as an actress (“Rincón de luz”) as well as a host on various TV programs and events. This time, the singer was invited to “La peña de Morfi” (Telefe) to replaceGerardo Rozin and some were encouraged to say that it overshadowed the original driver, Jésica Cirio.

La Sole made a special participation in Telefe’s lunchtime culinary cycle. Destino San Javier was the invited trio for the musical moment, but the interview was commanded by the interpreter of “Tren del cielo” and not by Cirio , Rozín’s usual companion.

Even the rating was consistent despite the change of face. According to journalist Moskita Muerta, “La peña de Morfi” had a peak of 6.8 , leading the audience at noon.

On Twitter, viewers of “La peña de Morfi” highlighted Soledad’s sympathy and ability to animate the program. In addition to the singer, the modelPaula chaves, former host of “Bake Off”, was also as host.

La Sole has a pretty busy schedule these weeks. In addition to announcing a tour with face-to-face shows, he continues with the recordings of“The Argentine Voice  (Telefe), where he is a jury with Lali, Ricardo Montaner and the reggaeton duo Mau & Ricky.

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