Désirée Nosbusch accuses: In her first relationship she was raped

Désirée Nosbusch accuses: In her first relationship she was raped

Désirée Nosbusch (57) became famous at the age of 16 with the film ‘After Midnight’ and began a promising career. Her mentor and then manager Georg Bossert († 56) soon became her partner, despite an age difference of 26 years, leaving her wife and child. But Désirée looks back sadly on the nine years at his side.

Désirée Nosbusch was raped by Bossert

In her current autobiography ‘Finally not yet arrived’, the native of Luxembourg describes how love was not mutual. “This man raped me,” reads her book. “I didn’t want it and I didn’t know what love was. And after that I had a hard time learning it.” Désirée is certain: “We were definitely never a couple. It was years of torment.” She complains that Bossert robbed her of many years of her youth. She herself was ashamed, while many around her looked the other way. After she managed to free herself from Bossert’s clutches in 1990, Bossert was stabbed to death by his son five years later.

Désirée first had to learn to love

With the film composer Harald Kloser (65) she learned that there is another way. She writes about her first husband: “He was the first person and also the first man I wanted to meet. He was the light, quite simply.” The couple married in 1991 and had two children, but drifted apart when he wanted to live in the US and she wanted to be in Europe. After a few relationships that broke up, Désirée finally arrived – with husband Tom Bierbaumer (56): “Tom is interested in me, in us and in the fact that we are doing well. As strange as it may sound, that was for I was new all my life before that, I had always had to do with partners or men who pulled me into another life and who talked about our goals but meant theirs,” enthuses Désirée Nosbusch in her book about her happy ending.

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