Depression and anxiety: Alfred García recounts the ordeal he experienced because of his panic attacks

Depression and anxiety: Alfred García recounts the ordeal he experienced because of his panic attacks

Mental health is a problem that has remained silent for years, even centuries. Now, as a result of the start of the pandemic, more and more testimonies are coming to light from familiar and also anonymous faces about the disorders and internal conflicts that are generated and the inability to manage them properly.

In case of Alfred Garcia, it is one of them. The Catalan artist sat this Wednesday next to Ana Pastor to speak, make visible and normalize the problems of anxiety and depression that he has suffered throughout his life, and even more so since more than four years ago his name was one of the most famous in the country.

“Depression and anxiety come to me a year before I go to the castings for ‘Operación Triunfo’. I studied two careers and it was not very easy for me, but they were a cluster of things that ended up leading to a panic attack, which ended with anxiety and depression”, the singer-songwriter begins by saying about what was one of the most complicated moments of his life.

“What happened to me is that the perception of sight and hearing had altered. I always asked myself many questions about what was happening to me, and I went to a psychologist who explained to me what was happening to me and how I could get out of it and prevent it from happening again. It helped me a lot, because in less than a year I was in prime time on television. The truth is that they are two things that seem incompatible but are not if we know how to handle it and take the necessary measures”, he concludes.

It is not the first time that the protagonist expresses himself on this problem. During his time as the most famous music talent on television, the alarms about his health problems were already raised when he was forced to leave the set due to anxiety problems at one of the galas.

Today, Alfred García speaks of his past with his head held high and willing to continue fighting against a problem that, to a greater or lesser extent, affects a high percentage of the population.

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