Actress Denise Richards recently followed in the footsteps of her 18-year-old daughter Leni and opened her own profile on the OnlyFans platform in order to receive a not inconsiderable additional income while exploiting her hard-earned appeal. At 51 years old, the interpreter has made it clear that she continues to have a very loyal audience, eager to see the former model making the most of her athletic figure and her angelic face.

The former wife of Charlie Sheen has granted an interview to SiriusXM to defend her decision to earn a living as she pleases, doing “things” even “more sexual” than certain jobs done in the past, also of a very suggestive nature . “I have been a model of bikinis, lingerie, and now I do more sexual things. Why not?”, She has argued as she passes by the station.

The former Bond girl at the end of the 90s has revealed that, unlike the more “innocent” content that she publishes on social networks such as Instagram, on her OnlyFans account she has no qualms about showing her breasts and other parts intimate to all those who are willing to remunerate it properly.

“I show my breasts and my vagina, and you can already find it out there if you Google it. Sometimes you have to go a little further, even once,” she has assured her without remorse or excuses.

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